The IFB℠ methodology goes much deeper than most business methods, frameworks, or techniques I’ve come across. It is truly transparadigm, and therefore transformative. You can use it to move people and organizations away from the worn out playbook of linear models and point them in a direction that helps them create a dynamic, vital reality!  ~ E.Clamp, Consultant and Professor

Interconnectivity, Flow, and Balance:

An Out-of-the Box Framework for Building Conscious Organizations.

Everything in an organization operates within an interconnected ecosystem. This connectivity supports communication, productivity and other types of flow that have a personality and tempo of their own. In dynamic workplaces, interconnectivity and flow are enhanced by the process of balancing multiple tensions which is an important prerequisite organizational adaptability and sustainability in an unpredictable, complex environment.

Our multiple award-winning and Amazon best selling book introduces the Interconnectivity, Flow and Balance℠ model as a road map to both self-transformation and for building a conscious organization. It introduces ideas that translate into practical models you can apply to simple and complex workplace challenges.

About Yvette

We live in an unpredictable global environment, so it is a time of business as unusual, and survival of the most agile. Now that we have entered uncharted territory, modern people effectiveness solutions cannot be enhanced versions of conventional strategies.

With this in mind, Yvette created the Conscious Organizations Licensing Programs which supports organizations with establishing healthy cultures defined by trust, developing self-aware leaders, and facilitating healthy coworker interactions that can drive improved results over the long-term.

Yvette is an award-winning author, Fulbright Scholar and creator of the IFB℠ methodology. She is a transformation consultant with 20 years of Fortune 500 experience and over a decade as a consultant and entrepreneur.

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The Conscious Organization License: The Pillar of Trust

Trust is the foundation of the Conscious Organization: Pillar of Trust Program. Our Licensing opportunity starts with tools and strategies you can use to build trust. It includes online courses, and the Trust Style Inventory (TSI) which is uniquely powered by the Six Seconds (SEI) emotional intelligence assessment. Six Seconds is the largest global emotional intelligence network. 

The TSI’s unique design allows employees to feel safe about completing a trust self-assessment.  We don’t stop there. The Pillar or Trust License also gives you access to Trust Reflection Coaching Cards and online trust building resources as part of our foundational Conscious Organization Program called the Pillar of Trust. 



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