When people don’t trust leadership, they’re already planning their exit and have no interest in making a new strategy work or creating new customer initiatives. There’s nothing in it for them; they’ve already mentally checked out.”

Jim Harter, Ph.D, is Chief Scientist, Workplace Management and Wellbeing, at Gallup.

About The Pillar of Trust Program

The Pillar of Trust Program is the foundational building block for Conscious Organizations. It is the leading, global, trust building program, designed as a turn-key, transformational framework for business owners, executive leaders, coaches, trainers, facilitators, consultants, organizational development practitioners and HR specialists who are serious about addressing behaviors that contribute to toxic cultures.

Trust building is a delicate process that requires patience, so our Pillar of Trust Program helps you achieve positive results over time. Your success is important to us so we support our global network of licensees in multiple ways. The certification process will help you to become more knowledgeable about trust so you can use it to build strengthened organizations using our cutting-edge tools and methodologies.

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Your first step is to get certified to offer our courses, methods and Trust Style Inventory to your employees or clients. Once certified you can be licensed to offer our entire Pillar of Trust Program and join our global network of successful licensees dedicated to empowering organizations using a program that builds quality work relationships and drives sustainable success. Here is how our certification and licensing process works:

The Pillar of Trust Program produces the best results for organizations when the owner, founder or chief executive is ready to perceive cultural norms through new eyes, and is passionately committed to making personal and organizational changes that shift unproductive workplace dynamics while improving performance.

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We Welcome Members of the Six Seconds Network!

Our Pillar of Trust Program includes the transformational Trust Style Inventory (TSI) an assessment derived from the Six Seconds’ SEI (Emotional Intelligence) Assessment and the IFBSM methodology developed by Organizational Soul. As a result, our TSI self-assessment is a validated tool with emotional intelligence built into its design. The Trust Style Inventory Certification qualifies you to use the TSI and it is the prerequisite for obtaining the Pillar of Trust Program license that provides multiple tools you can use to uncover the trust-related challenges experienced by teams and address the gaps.

The TSI is a perfect addition to your toolkit. Employees completing the TSI questionnaire can respond safely because it has a unique characteristic where it measures how people trust instead of their trustworthiness. We intentionally incorporated emotional intelligence into its design to avoid inaccurate outcomes and unproductive reactions to the results.

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What People are Saying About The Pillar of Trust Program

“Initially her goals were generic (i.e.) better customer service and she didn’t understand the role trust plays in goal achievement. During one of the coaching sessions she realized the role trust plays in eight areas of her life and how it can affect how she creates and achieves her goals (personally and professionally). During the TSI coaching session, she was able to rearrange these beneficial outcomes in a way that would be best suited to helping her attain the goals she set for the department and herself.”

M. Kerr, Coach and Trainer Financial Services

“One of my clients had a personal breakthrough when she realized that when she is not open to asking for help, no matter how badly she needs it, it is due to her lack of trust willingness and not wanting to be vulnerable. She would only accept help if a particular person asked if she needed it. A part of her action plan was to ask for help; which she admitted was a huge step for her.”

J. McKenzie, Coach & Trainer Financial Services

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