Join an Enthusiastic, Global Network of Licensees Dedicated to Building Conscious Organizations

Once you successfully complete the certification requirements for the Pillar of Trust Program, you can qualify for our global network of licensees.

Our annual licensing model provides you with a complete program. In addition to giving you access to transformational materials and methods, the license entitles network members to ongoing support. Here is what we include in our comprehensive package:

  • Monthly licensee network calls

  • An online Pillar of Trust course you can offer your clients that generates income for you

  • An online simulation you can offer your clients that generates income for you

  • A 1 day course that introduces Conscious Organizations. You can use to generate income and attract clients to the Pillar of Trust Program

  • Ongoing professional developmental opportunities for our licensees

  • Coaching frameworks licensees can use to develop income generating coaching packages for teams and individuals

  • 24/7, back-end access to online courses included in the program so you can provide feedback to your employees/clients while they learn

  • Business development support (For licensees building their coaching, training or consulting practices.)

  • Internal communication support

Download One of Our Pillar of Trust Program Information Packages

Package For Individual Practitioners
Package For Organizations

Who are our Licensees?

Our Pillar of Trust Program License is perfect for both Individual Practitioners and Organizations.

Within organizations, executives, managers, trainers, HR professionals, organizational development practitioners and culture specialists can be certified for an organizational license which provides them with the tools they need to implement the Pillar of Trust Program internally.

Individual practitioners or small business owners interested in offering the Pillar of Trust Program to clients are also primary candidates for our global network. We attract coaches, consultants, trainers, and facilitators who offer one or more of the following services:

  • Coaching (individuals and teams)

  • Masterminds

  • Facilitation

  • Mentoring

  • Management consulting (Change and transformation)

  • Training

Six Seconds Network Members are Welcome!

We are a Preferred Partner in the Six Seconds, Global Emotional Intelligence Network so we welcome emotional intelligence practitioners and preferred partners into our network of licensees. Our Trust Style Inventory is derived from the Six Seconds SEI and Vital Signs instruments because the Pillar of Trust has a significant emotional intelligence component. So if you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact us, we would love to have you join our global network!

A Fantastic Income Generating Opportunity for Individual Licensees

Enhance your income generating potential with our Pillar of Trust Program. Each program you implement can provide ongoing streams of income for up to 12 months. Our program includes business development tools you can use to structure proposals so you can offer meaningful, transformative services while you build your business.

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What People Are Saying

“This is an extremely sellable method that is well thought through. It equips the practitioner and is a significant add-on. It is a foundational piece.”

S. Goodner, Consultant, Coach and Trainer

“What stands out is that this is one of the most effective change frameworks I have ever seen. It goes two levels deeper than all the change tools I have been using.”

J. Anderson, Consultant, Coach and Trainer

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