Strengthening Your Pillar of Trust

A Powerful Online Course for Transforming your Relationships, Credibility, Brand and Influence

The quality of your life and career are directly affected by how you trust and how people trust you. Your credibility, brand, influence, and potential for personal and professional progression are all impacted by how you trust and build connections. With a Pillar of Trust at the center of quality relationships, you can enhance your leadership, engagement and performance. By equipping yourself with new mindsets and skills you can transform how you trust so you can turn your trust style into an invaluable asset!

Strengthening Your Pillar of Trust is an Online Course that can be used as a stand-alone or as part of a blended learning programme.

There are 8 modules with 21 missions. They are designed to:

  • Explain the true nature of trust
  • Introduce the Pillar of Trust
  • Help you explore how you trust using the Trust Style Inventory
  • Dig deeply into your Trust Willingness and Trustworthiness
  • Support you with breaking through your barriers to trust
  • Provide you with a framework for building a robust trust strengthening strategy

Who: Anyone 18 and over who is interested in learning how to build trust and transform their lives

Time: You determine when to start

Where: Online Self-Study/Blended learning

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The Strengthening Your Pillar of Trust online learning modules can be integrated into your corporate online and blended learning programmes.

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